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Shakira Giving Back

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Shakira is one of the few stars out there to use her fame and fortune to give back and do good in this world. She recently took a trip to her home country of Colombia, to the city of Cartagena along with her foundation Pies Descalzos to lay the first bricks for the foundation of a new school in the impovrished city. Shakira feels it's the world's responsibility to make sure that wherever there is a child with hunger or need, that it's our responsibility to step up and care for these children. This new Colombian school will help 1500 children and their families with advanced technology and ample recreational areas. The Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) Foundation that Shakira works so closely with helps over 6000 children all across Colombia and has recently expanded to build schools and help more children in countries like Haiti and South Africa. Shakira also took time out of her concert packed schedule to shake her booty by dancing and singer for children in Haiti while visiting Elie Dubois high school which is right downtown Port-au-Prince. Her foundation has donated nearly $400K to country in need, after it was so tragically devestated from the 2010 earthquake. The 34 year old beauty with hips that don't like said "I'm convinced that the key to a dignified future for Haiti is through education.", and she couldn't be more right. Everyone there was so excited to get an up close glimpse of the Colombian beauty and those oh so famous curves and dance moves. Keep traveling the world and spreading love through your music and booty Shakira!

Shakira Dances On

Not even technical problems can keep this Colombian hottie from shaking her hips while on stage performing her hit songs! While performing in a brand new stadium in San Jose Costa Rica, a $100 million gift from China, Shakira ran into some sound problems when suddenly it cut out and the crowd could no longer hear her. Being the true performer that she is, she continued to belt out her lyrics while rocking her sexy dance moves hoping that the sound would cut back. After a few minutes she was called off stage, the crowd got restless but soon enough she came back out and gave the performance of a lifetime. She wore skintight leather pants with a sparkly gold top as she bounced around stage and showed San Jose all she had to offer. She fed off the crowd's frustration and turned it around into a positive energy that helped nourish her show and overall performance. No other performer out there can pick up a broken crowd and pull them together through song and dance like Shakira can! Shakira put the crowd into a hypnotic trance as her famous abs swayed back and forth as she performed sensual belly dance moves. As sexy as her performances are, they are never raunchy or over the top, always tasteful because she is not trying to be sexy, she just is. We're sure Shakira's sweetie was not far from her side, still an unconfirmed romance but actions speak louder than words and after recently tweeting a picture of the two together with the caption "Les presento a mi sol...", (which means "I present my sun to you.") it seems this Latina singer is in love and loving life.

Shakira's New Man??

 shakira kissing gerard piqueShortly after her split from her boyfriend of 11 years, Antonio de la Rue, rumors are flying claiming that the break up was caused by a blossoming love between the Latin singer and Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique. Shakira was quick to squash these rumors, claiming that her and de la Rue actually broke things off in August but didn't announce it publically until now. Both Shakira and Pique deny the romance, but the Spanish media is claiming they documented many romantic encounters between the duo, one where they were allegedly caught kissing mid-December in a public restaurant. Whatever the truth is, Shakira is one hot lady and deserves any man she wants.